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  • The reservation of the van includes the payment of 100% of the total rental.

  • Collection and delivery in Sant Vicenç de Castellet (Barcelona). If you want delivery in Barcelona or at the airport, an extra must be paid.


  • The non-presentation of the client at the place and time agreed for the start of the service will be considered unilateral termination of the contract and the reservation, by the client, with a penalty of 100% of the contracted rental value, such non-presentation will empower the lessor to dispose of the reserved vehicle, the lessee not having the right to any indemnity or compensation.

  • Failure to show up at the place and time agreed between the landlord and the tenant with a delay of more than 3 hours will result in the total loss of the deposit.

  • The minimum age to be able to drive the vehicle with the basic insurance is 25 years and two years of experience. From 21 years old, with premium insurance.

  • Picking up or returning the van outside the established hours will have a penalty of €30 / extra hour. A delay of more than 3 hours will mean the total loss of the deposit.


Vehicle use

  • It is expressly prohibited to use the vehicle for any activity contrary to morality, laws and good customs. It is expressly prohibited to transport more people than those legally permitted, to carry out races, to transport goods or objects, whether or not they are permitted by our legislation, to transfer their use for consideration or profit.

  • The vehicle is delivered with a full fuel tank and will be returned in the same way, otherwise the amount of filling plus €30 will be deducted as a penalty.

  • Smoking is prohibited inside the van.

  • It is expressly prohibited to travel to any country that is at war or armed conflicts.

  • It is essential to notify if you are going to travel outside of Spain.

  • The leased vehicle must be returned in good hygienic conditions, with its interior completely clean.



  • The total amount of the contracted rental must be paid before departure. Likewise, a deposit will be deposited to guarantee the good use and correct return of the vehicle, for an amount of €600 at the time of delivery of the van, corresponding to the all-risk insurance excess.

  • In the event that the amount of the repairs that have to be carried out on the vehicle exceed the amount of the excess, the insurance will be notified and the excess will be lost. Otherwise, the amount of the repairs will be deducted from the deposit.

  • Once the vehicle has been checked, without incident, the deposit will be returned within 3 days after the return.

  • The deposit will be returned after the vehicle has been examined, which, in the event of damage due to misuse, will determine by means of a detailed note, the amount that the client must pay, authorizing the lessee to compensate said amount of the deposit deposited. If it is not possible to assess the damage immediately, the lessor will have 30 days to return, if applicable, the amount of the remaining deposit, once the cost of repairing the damage or damage caused has been deducted.


  • The lessee will not proceed to demand any compensation if, due to force majeure or fortuitous cause, the vehicle cannot be delivered on the agreed day. Cause majeure is understood as a breakdown or accident that cannot be repaired for the expected delivery date of the van.

  • In the event that the tenant, by his own unilateral decision, starts the rental late or ends the rental early, he will not be entitled to any refund.

  • The user is responsible for any sanction or fine, which, for violating the current provisions, were imposed, reaching the same responsibility in the event that the vehicle was retained or seized because of his fault, also running, with the expenses and lost profits of the lessor for the duration of the unavailability of the vehicle, applying for each day that the amount per day is withheld or seized, depending on the model and current rates of the rental price of the vehicle.

  • In case of not delivering the van with a clean interior, it will be penalized with 100 euros.

  • In case of breaking, burning or losing any furniture or accessory of the van, the cost of this must be paid. 


  • In case you want to cancel the trip, the money will not be returned. But the trip can be postponed, no problem. 

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